BPEC Solar PV Installer (Including Battery Storage Systems) Course Offer

From: £845.00


BPEC Solar PV Installer Course:

This 3 day BPEC Solar PV Installer qualification is for those wishing to achieve a nationally recognised qualification in the installation and maintenance of small scale grid tied Photovoltaic systems. It is based on the National Occupational Standards and is recognised and accepted by the Microgeneration Certification Scheme.

Course Content

This course covers everything a Solar PV installer needs:

  • Solar PV resource assessment (inc .new performance calcs)
  • G83/2 Grid connection requirements
  • AC & DC electrical theory & practical for Solar PV
  • Basic roofing structures &integrity issues
  • Hands-on Solar PV Panel Mounting
  • Mechanical installation of roof fixings
  • Setting to work/commissioning
  • System testing
  • Paperwork and test forms
  • Financial incentives, payback
  • Solar PV system maintenance
  • Handover packs & customer care

Entry Requirements: Must be a fully qualified electrician or on a registered Competent Person Scheme.

Certification: BPEC Certification – QCF Level 3 Award in the Installation and Maintenance of Small Scale Solar PV Systems

Battery Storage Systems Course:

This 1 day Battery Storage Systems Course is aimed at Electrical Installers who install systems that can benefit from battery storage systems to enable power to stored for later use.

With the changes in the PV tariffs, customers are going to be looking at other ways to reap extra returns from their PV Energy Systems.

Installers now have a golden opportunity to revisit past installs and advise clients on maximising the potential returns on their Solar PV System in the summer months and purchasing cheaper off peak electricity in the winter.

Unlike a manufacturers seminar, our course gives you a balanced view of the different manufacturers offerings allowing you to make an informed decision about the best solutions for you and you customer

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to EESS (Electrical Energy Storage Systems).
  • Understand different components and architectures involved.
  • EESS applications and operating states.
  • AC vs DC Battery systems.
  • Identify different batteries and their characteristics suitable for EESS.
  • Safety and planning.
  • Designing, specification, sizing, and installation of an EESS.
  • DNO Approval and network connection process.
  • Health Safety Issues.
  • Inspection, testing, commissioning and maintenance.
  • Handover and documentation.

Entry Requirements: There are no entry requirements for this course but it has an Electrical Bias so we recommend you are a qualified Electrical Operative.

Certification: Eco Cert Battery Storage Systems.

Price includes certification and work books that are issued on the courses.

Locations available: Chesterfield.

The BPEC Solar PV Course and the Battery Storage Systems Course run together to give an overall view of the technologies.

Dates available in Chesterfield:

  • 23rd to 26th February (full).
  • 23rd to 26th March (full).
  • 20th to 23rd April (full).
  • 26th to 29th April (full).
  • 14th to 17th June (full).
  • 19th to 22nd July.
  • 16th to 19th August.
  • 13th to 16th September.

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