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This F-Gas course is designed for those working within the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry or heat pump installers who need to meet the legal requirements for working with Fluorinated Gases, or F-Gases, and other ozone depleting substances.

The course includes the theory behind the requirements and procedures to install, commission, service, maintain, recover & leak check all refrigeration, air conditioning & heat pump systems in accordance with the F Gas Regulation EC842/2006 and EC303/2008.

Course Content

Identification of basic systems, terms, principles, units and how these relate to theory and thermodynamics of vapour compression cycles and refrigerants

Identifying stationary refrigerant, air conditioning and heat pump system components, functions and leakage risk

Identify the hazards and safe working practices for the installation, commissioning and handling of refrigerants

Fabricate & fit mechanical and brazed joints on pipework

Pressure test and evacuate to BSEN378

Charge a blended refrigerant

Analyse system performance to ensure efficiency (using pressure, temperature, refrigerant state and rule of thumb)

Leak test to EC1516/2007

Maintain ‘F Gas’ log books and records

Handle refrigerant safely & dispose of legally

Ensure systems are tight, efficient in their use of energy and meet the F Gas legal requirements

The assessment consists of an online multiple exam and a practical assessment.  Note this qualification does NOT have an expiry date!