Battery Storage Systems



With the changes in the tariff, customers are going to be looking at ways to reap extra returns from their PV System.
The obvious answer, for both existing system owners, and for new customers, is maximise self-consumption.
It’s not easy or practical to ensure that you use energy exactly as it’s being generated so the answer is to store any
excess electricity in batteries so you can use the power in the evening or on dull days.

Unlike a manufacturers seminar, our course gives you a balanced view of the different manufacturers offerings
allowing you to make an informed decision about the best solutions for you and you customer

Course Outline

  • Different battery types and their advantages and limitations
  • AC vs DC Battery systems
  • Extending self generation usage
  • UPS backup
  • Sizing
  • Calculating additional saving/returns with payback calculator
  • Health Safety Issues
  • Storage and ventilation requirements
  • Maintenance

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